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Well, a hoodies as cool as it is, not only increases your coolness quotient but  also adds just the right amount of funk to your personality but it is a subtle art to pull off a hoodie and not make a complete a** of yourself (pun intended).

There are three main ingredients to make a perfect hoodies look, a badass personality, right pair of denims and a hoodies that perfectly fits your body type. We have already spoken at length or rather wrote at length about how to select the perfect denims know more.

The hoodies gain a lot of traction due to the fact that most of the sportsperson have been wearing hoodies off ground and have made a lot of ladies go weak in knees with their hoodie look, Moreover it has recently became a phenomenon to wear your alma mater on your chest with the logo of your college printed on the hoodies. No worries, we are here to make sure that you pick the hoodies that makes your female classmates/colleagues drool over your look and you don’t get turned down next time when you offer the girl to buy her drink at a bar and with this we delve into the social work we have been doing for a while now i.e helping the boys pick the right clothes and get the attention from the opposite sex that they have been wanting all this while.click here

Hoodies: Here are the right kind of hoodie according to your body type

 Shorter guys-

Well, you know going macho isn’t your USP, try to keep it simple and make sure that you don’t pick hoodies that are loose and you have to keep them tight!, make sure that they are not going beneath your belt, the reason you have to keep them tight is to make sure that you don’t look like a sag, so pick a tight hoodie and pair them well and you are good to go.

Tall guys-

We know that you have got those rock hard abs that make ladies go weak in knees, you know that you rock everything you wear and hoodie is no exception, you rock the hoodie every time you wear it. Well, we need some sort of hoodie that highlights your physical traits so you should go for something that is a little long or a little oversized. Be careful to see if the hoodie is liable to shrink and if that is the case, you should buy a size bigger, and you are all set for a perfect hoodie look.

But we still need distinction as to how the does the hoodie pick changes when you are a different sizes-

Slim guys –

Are you one of those guys with an athletic body and a Casanova charm to shower the girls and know the art of picking girl with your killer pickup lines, then this is for you, you need to choose a hoodie that perfectly fits so that there is no saggy effect to your body and well pair them well and the rest of magic is something you already are pro at.

Heavier guys –

Well, we are not body shaming anyone so please try and not get offend with, it is just something we do to help the people on the basis of their body type, our primary concern here is to make sure that the hoodie we pick does not draw much attention to your belly and at the same time we have to wear something that is equally comfortable, so pick something that the flattens your belly and is equally comfortable.

Now we have helped you with choosing the right sort of hoodie for your body type, now let us help you in choosing the right color so that you don’t make a complete fool of yourself wearing totally abstract colors. Here we present some of the most picked colors that are the most cherished in a hoodie.


Grey hoodies-

Grey hoodes

A grey hoodies is your dark horse, a timeless addition to your wardrobe, a grey hoodies is like that friend that has always got your back, add a grey hoodies to your wardrobe and you can pair them with almost everything but a good pair of jean and a pair of white sneakers will make you stand apart from the crowd (not really out of the crowd ;))

Navy hoodies –

navy hoodies

Another ensemble, a navy hoodies is something that makes you super cool and due to its dark color it saves you from the winter, so a perfect combination of cool and hot xD. Pair it with a chino and literally any type of shoes and you all ready to rock the world.


White hoodies –
White hoodies

well, a white hoodies is the gold standard for style as you can add almost anything with it and you still would look like a boss.

Black hoodies –
black hoodies

A black hoodies is the gold standard of style and it is a your lab partner experiment as much as with it but don’t go way out and make a complete fool of yourself, a black hoodie is perfect in all occasion be it the get together or that school reunion that you have been waiting for.

Now we have covered all of the important things we would like to conclude the session with a few tips that you should follow in order to get the perfect look:

  • Prefer jeans over pants, I know pants make you more sophisticated but please spare the pants this time and wear jeans instead so that you are able to comprehend to what you are wearing as a hoodie.
  • Choose your shoes wisely, a pair of converse or sneakers is preferred.
  • Accessorize well but don’t over do it
  • Pull hoodie with confidence, probably the most important advice.




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